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Flight with a Weightshift Aircraft


  • 10 minutes - 99 BGN.
  • 20 minutes - 159 BGN.
  • 30 minutes - 199 BGN.


10 minutes flight description:

During these 10 minutes in the air you will experience the most wonderful feeling everybody dreams of – flying like a bird in the sky.


20 minutes flight description:

This flight provides you with the opportunity to rise up to about 500 metres in the air. You will be able to see the entire Velingrad and the Chepinska Valley. Treat yourself with this wonderful view, a truly unique feeling and an unforgettable experience.


30 minutes flight description:

The thirty-minute tour of the sky will transfer you to a new reality, where everything is different and exceptionally beautiful. This flight gives you the unique chance to enjoy from above the marvellous Batak Reservoir, to fly over the Tsepina Fortress, to see with the naked eye Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina (the Balkan mountain range) and the Rhodope Mountains from a wonderful perspective.  


Further conditions:

1. The maximum weight of the passenger - 102 kg.

2. Equipment provided (a flight suit, a helmet, a headset, gloves, etc.) 

3. Persons under the age of 14 are not allowed on the aircraft.

4. Persons between the ages of 14 and 18 are allowed to fly only in the presence of one of their parents and after the parent has signed a declaration of consent.

5. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other sedative substances are not allowed on the aircraft.

6. Persons with health conditions must consult with their treating physician before booking a flight or purchasing a voucher.