“Avatar Extreme Sport” is an unforgettable experience, which everyone can enjoy.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly?

Have you ever wished you could feel like a bird in the sky?

Have you ever wanted to take a look at the world from above?

“Avatar Extreme Sport” is the place where your dreams, wishes and desires turn into reality.

“Avatar Extreme Sport” offers to you something different and extraordinary, something you will never forget: a flight with a Weightshift Aircraft over Velingrad. As a bonus everyone receives an HD video clip + photos.

The tandem flight with a Weightshift Aircraft is one of the safest and most exciting ways to fly. To ensure its quality we use one of the best machines in the world, produced by the FRENCH manufacturer of Weightshift Aircrafts “AIR CREATION”. For your safety and security the aircraft is equipped with a ballistic parachute manufactured by the CZEH company “GALAXY RESERVE SISTEM”. Last but not least, the Weightshift Aircraft is operated by the most experienced pilot in Velingrad.





Our team

Hristo Gouchevilov, (THE AVIATOR), age 39, is one of the most experienced Weightshift Aircraft pilots in the Rhodope Mountains.

He has been operating a Weightshift Aircraft on his own since 2013.

Hristo is a very responsible and wise person.

He is the heart and soul of the team.

Nikolai Kazaliev (KAICHO), age 46, is the most experienced and skilful person in the Internet sphere.

He has been flying with a Weightshift Aircraft on his own since 2017.

Nikolai is the fun one within our team.

Nikola Bozhkov (THE MECHANIST), age 28, is the competent expert making sure that the engines of the machines are in good standing.

He has a degree in internal combustion engines.

Nikola has over ten years of professional experience.

 He is an acknowledged authority in the field.